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ShayShay's Specialty Purse Cleaning Service is privately owned and operated by Schwana Jefferson.

I started this business to help the community keep their high-end designer accessories clean and increase awareness of the bacteria that is carried on handbags/purses and wallets.

Shay brings over 20 years experience cleaning all types of leathers and fabrics.

Shay also offer minor repair services... such as replacing zippers, repairing inseams, reattaching straps and more.

Shay's on-site facility uses cleaning products that are 100% environmentally safe, non-toxic and odorless.

Best of all... your precious items are ready for pick-up within 3 - 5 business days.

As a Licensed and Bonded company, Shay's Specialty Purse Cleaning Services guarantee the return of all orders on-time with quality you can see and touch.

Shay's is always accountable to business associates and customers and is always doing whatever it takes to provide customers with the results they expect.


Mission Statement
To proudly fulfill the community need for expert cleaning of high-end/specialty purses and accessories.

Shay's Specialty Purse Cleaning Services is committed to providing a reliable trusted organization based on excellent service fairness, efficiency and delivery of superior results.

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